Guitarist, Composer, Arranger & Jazz Club Founder

Oliver Doering

I work as a Jazz guitarist, composer, arranger and bandleader of "Groove Poodle". On my cd Jazz Party Effervation, I play a wide variety of guitar sounds, including smooth jazz guitar, funky electrical and bluesy semi-acoustic guitar. A big Wes Montgomery and George Benson fan, I studied jazz guitar in Arnhem, Holland. Over the years I played in many bands and projects: Zwiebop, Tribehouse and Doña Guarapita, to mention a few.

I have a beloved collection of vintage Gibson guitars, creating a distinct sound with a 1969 ES-150, my own special stoptail conversion with an interesting combination of pickups. Among other activities I provide a vintage guitar YouTube channel with guitar and effect demos and run an informal Jazz club in Germany.


Oliver Doering Quartet, Featuring Kyla Quinn: Live at Pangea, NYC - "TALES OF THE CITY"

Oliver Doering, Guitar
Willie Martinez, Drums
Paul Beaudry, Bass
Piano: Steve Sandberg, Piano
Special Guest: Kyla Quinn, Vocals

Now available: The new cd "For Minors Only"

My new cd "For Minors Only" is a collection of various live recordings from the Premium Lounge and Klub der Töne (Cologne, Germany).
All Tracks were recorded with my 1967 Gibson L5 - warm, smooth Jazz guitar sound at its best!

The title song "For Minors Only" has always been one of my all time favorites, now we recorded a really nice version of it.

There are also some other classics like "There Is No Greater Love" or "Song For My Father" - all energetic live recordings with great solos, a very special atmosphere and ... a lot of Jazz guitar.

All tracks are from different nights, played with these great musicians:

Drums: Ulf Stricker / Hardy Fischötter
Bass: Fritz Roppel / Wally Böcker
Piano: Walter Fischbacher / Andreas Schnermann / Ernie Griffin
Sax: Lothar van Staa / Anton Fialko
Photos by Joanne Greenhalgh

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Vintage Guitars & Gear

I love my vintage Gibson guitars and created a vintage guitar YouTube channel with live demos. At Vintage Guitars & Gear, I introduce and explain many great guitars from the 60s. Over the years, a small guitarist community with a lot of interesting guitar talk has formed.

In my videos, I combine high quality live recordings with information about everything that was involved in the chain. From the guitar over the PUs and strings to the FXs, the amp and the speakers - you'll learn exactly what was used.

I searched for something similar but mostly found one or the other:

There are many demo videos by stores or guitar owners where you get high quality information, but the guitar is not played in a true stage situation - often not by a professional guitarist and sometimes with poor sound quality.

On the other hand, with many great live recordings, you don't get the information: What equipment was used, what settings on guitar and amp? You have to figure out little hints in the video and many things you will never know.

My goal is to combine these two aspects in my videos.

Orange Sunday Session

The Orange Sunday Session is a monthly show - often with spontaneous guests - that takes place at the club “Klub der Töne” in an old warehouse space in Cologne, Germany.

I created the "Premium Lounge" as an informal Jazz club, especially for that show. For every Orange Sunday (the first Sunday of every month), I combine a new, high quality session band.

Join us for spontaneous musical adventures from Soul to Jazz at our funky little venue with a unique atmosphere.

Over the years, a large number of great musicians played at our club that is now well-established in the Cologne music scene: We always have a full house and can often barely fit the crowd in our 130-person venue.

The stage is the center of the club. The main room includes an open floor where you can sit up close to the band, and a small balcony level where you can relax in cozy couches while taking in the scene below. We have an excellent sound installation on both levels so one can fully enjoy the great music experience. Sit back, get a glass of wine and listen so some high quality jazz in the exciting atmosphere of the old industrial building!

Check out www.orangesunday.de and our YouTube channel with live videos.

art olive Proberäume

Two industrial warehouse spaces converted to rehearsal rooms for more than 250 bands: art olive (Cologne, Germany) is a music rehearsal room center that I built over many years. I now run it with my wife Dana who joined the company in 2003.

I started the first building in 1993 when I couldn't find a rehearsal space after moving back to Cologne at the end of my music studies in Holland. There was an overwhelming demand for well-insulated, professionally built rehearsal rooms, as it turned out. Over 20 years, art olive slowly grew from a small basement with eight rooms into a huge rehearsal center for musicians of all kinds and styles.

We now have two hip warehouse spaces with a truely unique atmosphere:

The KulturOase (The Cultural Oasis) is located in the West of Cologne (Ehrenfeld). It has over 100 music rehearsal rooms including music lesson rooms, drummers' cabins and recording studios with many amenities (lounges, rehearsal rooms with daylight, central heating). The multilayered, sand-filled walls provide excellent sound insulation.

In the eastern part of the city (Mülheim) we built our new center: The Tonkunsthalle (Sound-Art Hall). Check out the spacious lounge that still contains the original industrial 20-ton crane - now holding a double bass. Relax on cozy couches and meet interesting new people. Also available are vending machines supplying music accessories, snacks, coffee and beer.

Our music club "Klub der Töne" is located on the second floor.

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